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A rectangular loop of wire with sides H = cm and W = cm is located in a region containing a constant magnetic field B = T that is aligned with the positive y-axis as shown. The loop carries current I = mA. The plane of the loop is inclined at an angle θ = degrees with respect to the x-axis.

1) What is μx, the x-component of the magnetic moment vector of the loop?

2) What is μy, the y-component of the magnetic moment vector of the loop?

3) What is τz, the z-component of the torque exerted on the loop?

4) What is Fbc, the magnitude of the force exerted on segment bc of the loop?.

5) What is the direction of the force that is exerted on the segment bc of the loop?


along negative x-direction
along negative y-direction
along positive x-direction
along positive y-direction
none of the above